Q. How much does it cost to rent?

A. The rental cost is $15 for the first how and $3 per 15 mins over the hour (1.5 hours would be $21).

Q. Do you accept debit/visa?

A. We accept cash, etransfer, and new in 2019 we now accept debit & credit*.

*small fee will apply for credit (no fee for debit)

Q. What age limits in regards to waiver?

A. Anyone over 18 can rent with no restrictions, signing their own waiver. For those wanting to rent between the ages of 16-17, you must have your parent or legal guardian sign the waiver for you. Any renters under 16 years of age will need an adult present ON THE WATER with them for ENTIRE duration of their rental.

Q. Do you offer daily/weekly rentals/take off-site?

A. Absolutely…but… due to our smaller size, we only offer one kayak &/or two iSUP to be taken off-site at a time. The cost of renting will depend on the duration of your rental. Please contact us for more information specific to your request.


Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. New for 2019 we offer your 5th rental at $5.



A. We provide PFDs (all rentals), boat safety kits (kayaks), ankle leash (SUP/iSUP) for all our renters above 30lbs. For adults bringing children under 30lbs, we require you to provide your own PFD for them.


Q. Anything else?

A. Give us a shout! (613) 214 -7097 or on the Contact Us page.